Hi everyone first of all thank you for taking the time to look at this page and hopefully the subsequent pages.
Why project aware? Good question!
I have to be honest and say that the picture shows me in my favourite “business suit” and I enjoy enormously the unique underwater world it allows me to explore.
Why Project Aware
Experiencing this world at first hand I believe is a privilege and anyone in the diving world should quickly learn to respect the marine environment.
However; divers cannot achieve the changes in attitude required to save our oceans by themselves.
We need strong organisations like project aware to carry the message to everyone and force  the changes required, either by implantation of laws /bans, conservation, and education.
In 2014 I celebrate my 60th birthday and thought great I will go away and have a diving holiday. To which comments were made “don’t be a tight arse” have a birthday party you must celebrate the big day. Ok! But I do it my way!!!!
Yes there is going to be a party with invitations being sent to people I have known over the years with all sorts of backgrounds and occupations so if you have  received an invite please do come along its going to a great night!!!!
Why Project Aware


During this 60th year celebration I am going to put it to a good cause. Out of the all the problems the oceans face there is one aspect I have extremely strong views about  “Finning”. The shark faces an up hill struggle to survive with anything between 73 –100 million sharks per annum slaughtered purely for their fins. Already 6 species face extinction by 2017. 
However; even if the species was not threatened it is such a barbaric practice it can not be allowed to continue.
So please leave the birthday presents and make a contribution for my fund raising event being held during 2014.
If you do insist OK I do like a drop of whiskey !!!


Project Aware are working to use the power of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) to help protect threatened sharks. It’s high time that threatened and highly traded sharks get the protection that many terrestrial animals have received from CITES


Why Project Aware

JVC GC-XA1EU Action Camera

JVC GC-XA1EU Action Camera

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